London photo walk and shooting with Fuji X-T2

Few days ago, I had a great pleasure of taking part in a photo walk organised by some creative folks at Funding Circle led by Adam Perfect. The weather was very grim but that didn't wipe the smiles off our lenses. We walked from Mansion House towards the Royal Festival Hall and I enjoyed it enormously, also because Adam let me shoot and test his Fuji X-T2 camera.

I would like to get one at some point (soon!) as I am becoming a fan of photography equipment that's light, easy to carry and which delivers professional quality images. I have been shooting with one of my favourite film cameras Nikon F3 for a few years now, and as ergonomically they feel very similar,  I found using the XT-2 quite easy and user friendly.

It's such a little, inconspicuous camera, but boy, it delivers the goods. Once we got to Southbank, we had a fantastic street photography weather with beautiful evening, interesting colours around and London rain falling on the pavements. Here are some test shots I made that evening with Fuji XT-2. I love this camera indeed.

You can also read Adam's blog about our photo walk here.

Keep on shooting, people! :)

Test shoot with Kyle on London's South Bank

Few weeks ago I had a pleasure to do a shoot with a male model Kyle. It was a test, and Kyle asked me to photograph some new images to give for his agency.

It was a gloomy morning in London and we met at the South Bank to try and get some nice shots. I have to admit that I enjoyed that shoot a lot, we had great creative time and came out of it with some good pictures. I wanted the images to be in black and white, and have that simple yet timeless easthetic. Below there are some photos we made that day.

Nice thing to add is that both the model and the agent liked the final images, as I got the following message from Kyle: "My agent told me they were the best images that they have ever seen of me, so really appreciate you being able to get it out of me".

Happy days!

Shooting with Kayt, early '80s style

Recently I had a great pleasure to work again with Kayt.

She is a fantastic London model and superb photographer in her own right. We live just a few tube stops away from each other and as she has a nice home studio, we thought, let's shoot again together!

I am always excited to work with such creative people like Kayt. You are never short of ideas and enthusiasm. In terms of our shoot, I had an idea about a couple of lighting set ups and a specific look. I wanted to go for kind of black and white, gritty aesthetic. This combined with Kayt's amazing new hairstyle helped us get some interesting shots. We thought they look kind of early '80's punk style a bit, wouldn't you agree?

Here are some of the photos from our shoot.

Photographing rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet for Ballet Central

Few weeks ago I was very lucky again to be invited by the great choreographer Jenna Lee of JLee Productions to photograph the rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet for Ballet Central, the wonderful programme curated by director Chris Marney .

It was a bit tricky to shoot due to challenging light conditions and I couldn't use any flashes but still, it was fantastic to be there and record all those talented young people working on this amazing ballet piece.

I do enjoy photographing dancers a lot, as I have a few cool ideas I'd like to make happen, watch this space :) I am looking forward to working with professional dancers more in future.

My fashion story 'Barbarella', she's back on Earth

I had a great pleasure of visiting Prague last year for the first time. What a lovey place and super friendly people!

First morning I arrived there, we planned a photo shoot at 8am with a great team, around the city centre. It was truly a wonderful and very creative day. Here are a few photos from that morning. All photographed with natural light.

The story shows Barbarella, popping back on Earth from one of her space journeys. Possibly :)

Big thanks to:
model: Michaela Freitagová
make-up: JiP Visage - Jindřiška Proboštová
fashion designer: Barbora Sedláčková
assistant and person who made it all possible: Dana Hosova