Boxing Day photo shoot in Shoreditch

It was my pre-ultimate shoot in 2014. I invited a beautiful model Estrany to Shoreditch, Bricklane for a little photo shoot. It was pretty warm although the sun was nowhere to be found in the sky.

As it was a Boxing Day, the place was rather empty so it was perfect for us to hang out with cups of coffee and have fun getting the shots. Here are some of the photos we made.


Test shoot with a new model Kristiana

I really love shooting on location in London, and especially in November the light is gorgeous on a sunny day and the colours around are breathtaking.

In those beautiful surroundings, I recently photographed a young, new model - Kristiana. This was a test shot for one of the modelling agencies in London. We didn't have much time but got some cool shots.

I am really looking forward to testing with more models, so if you want to work with me, get in touch!

Meeting Brooke Shaden

Few weeks ago, I was really lucky to meet an art photographer Brooke Shaden who visited London.  The meetup took place in Green Park, London and quite a few people turned up. It was a fantastic opportunity for me as Brooke is one of my favourite photographers.

She is super talented and I love her positive attitude towards life and passion for creativity. If you are not familiar with her work, you can have a look here.

Brooke was really friendly with everyone and kindly gave away lots of free hugs. She also patiently posed for photos; here's a few I shot.

I would love to meet Brooke again and talk for hours about art, photography, passion, creativity. Who knows, maybe it will happen. You never know :-)