More personal work - film photography

Hello Guys,

I have been shooting more and more on traditional film these days.
I really enjoy the process that doesn't reveal the photograph straight away. On a digital camera you can look at the photo right away and be satisfied, sometimes prematurely. On film, you can't do that, you keep on shooting and exploring some deeper levels of creativity. You focus on your subject, emotion, composition. You are not distracted by continuous chimping ;)

Here are a few photos made with the model/photographer Kayt. Shot on Portra 400 and Trix400 films. You can see I was experimenting a bit with light and settings on my camera.

I think some photos in this gallery are better than others, still; the happiest moment for me is always when I press the shutter. In case of Pentax67ii, it's a loud and beautiful: Ka-chunk!

Shooting with Nikon F3

I have been shooting more and more on film these days. One of my main cameras is Nikon F3. I absolutely love it, it's beautiful and a great pleasure to use - makes you want to go out and never stop taking pictures :)

I use 50mm 1.4 prime lens and also love using the 100mm lens, mainly for portraits. I usually shoot on Kodak Portra 400. The last photo in this gallery was shot on a film expired in 1994, hence the colours.

Any questions, get in touch! Happy shooting!