lucy scarfe

Shooting with Lomography Purple Lomochrome film

I love shooting film.

Having said that, I am really a digital camera beast - this is how I got into photography few years ago, it's how I fell in love with it, and that's how I pay my bills.

Few months ago though, I rediscovered film after buying a second hand Nikon F3 camera. Now, I love and cherish every time I press its shutter, it feels so special and truly magical. It's been said so many times before and it's true: shooting film does make me slow down, makes me think and focus more on that photograph I am about to make. It's such an incredible feeling when you hear that "click". I also love the fact of how beautifully unpredictable the film can be; when I shoot digital, I try to fix the imperfections, when I shoot film - I embrace them.

And this brings me to the main protagonist of this post - little roll of Purple Lomochrome film. I bought it on a whim at the London Lomography store. I was just about to do a photo shoot with a friend, an amazing model and actor Lucy Scarfe. I thought it would be a cool idea to shoot a roll of that film and see what I'd get.

You can see some of the photos below - what do you think?

For your information, the background behind Lucy was originally green and she wore a red dress and red lipstick.

Thanks for reading! :)