Shooting with Kayt, early '80s style

Recently I had a great pleasure to work again with Kayt.

She is a fantastic London model and superb photographer in her own right. We live just a few tube stops away from each other and as she has a nice home studio, we thought, let's shoot again together!

I am always excited to work with such creative people like Kayt. You are never short of ideas and enthusiasm. In terms of our shoot, I had an idea about a couple of lighting set ups and a specific look. I wanted to go for kind of black and white, gritty aesthetic. This combined with Kayt's amazing new hairstyle helped us get some interesting shots. We thought they look kind of early '80's punk style a bit, wouldn't you agree?

Here are some of the photos from our shoot.

My fashion story 'Barbarella', she's back on Earth

I had a great pleasure of visiting Prague last year for the first time. What a lovey place and super friendly people!

First morning I arrived there, we planned a photo shoot at 8am with a great team, around the city centre. It was truly a wonderful and very creative day. Here are a few photos from that morning. All photographed with natural light.

The story shows Barbarella, popping back on Earth from one of her space journeys. Possibly :)

Big thanks to:
model: Michaela Freitagová
make-up: JiP Visage - Jindřiška Proboštová
fashion designer: Barbora Sedláčková
assistant and person who made it all possible: Dana Hosova

The romance of Eden - Naomi Neoh's new bridal collection

Happy New Year to you all! :)

Last year was filled with some fabulous opportunities for me and I was very lucky to work with many fantastically talented people. One of the highlights was a photo shoot I did for a London based wedding gown designer - Naomi Neoh.

It was a great shoot with two most wonderful models Grace and Jessica. Here are a few photos from the shoot. Enjoy!

Accessories: Debbie Carlisle, shoes: Emmy London

Shooting with Nikon F3

I have been shooting more and more on film these days. One of my main cameras is Nikon F3. I absolutely love it, it's beautiful and a great pleasure to use - makes you want to go out and never stop taking pictures :)

I use 50mm 1.4 prime lens and also love using the 100mm lens, mainly for portraits. I usually shoot on Kodak Portra 400. The last photo in this gallery was shot on a film expired in 1994, hence the colours.

Any questions, get in touch! Happy shooting!

Shooting with Petzval 85 Art Lens

Few months ago I had a great privilege and pleasure to be given a fantastic Petzval 85 Art Lens to play with for a couple of months from Lomography UK store.

It is pretty amazing piece of kit and if you love shooting portraiture, this is definitely a lens worth checking out.

If you'd like to read a bit more, please see this nice post Lomography UK did with me on their blog.

If you have any questions about my experience using this lens, send them over!