Shooting business headshots in London

Recently, I had a great pleasure to do a business headshots photo shoot for the peer-to-peer lending company Funding Circle. The shoot took place at the company's offices in central London. It was a fantastic, creative day, and I photographed 36 Funding Circle employees.

There were a few people not very happy about being photographed, and it's not an unusual reaction for a photographer to hear while shooting portraits. However, after a few minutes of shooting, friendly conversation and looking at the tethered pictures - they all liked the experience and the photos.

Here are some of the pictures we made that day.

Big thanks for the great assistance to Paul Finchley Thompson.

Photo shoot with Lucy at Winter Wonderland

Few days ago, I did the shoot with super talented and beautiful actor and model Lucy Scarfe. We went to London's Hyde Park where at the moment you can enjoy the festive madness that's called the Winter Wonderland.

We spent some time walking around and getting lost in that mad mad place. We managed to grab a few photos too of course.


Photography: actors' headshots

Hello all,

After a long time, I have decided to resurrect my blog. I shoot a lot all the time, and can't never really shut up about photography to the point that my friends are tired of me already :) This blog will allow me to channel all this somehow. Check out this space!

Recently, I have been lucky to photograph a few young, very talented actresses who I am sure will be famous soon. They buzzed with enthusiasm, energy and ideas. We set out to photograph headshots and we did. As I see it however, it is so much more than that; we tried to get some amazing quality photos to promote their talent, photos that truly stand out.  I do hope we achieved that goal.

I have added a new Actors gallery to my page where you can see some of the photos. More to come!

On that note, if you're an actor and would like to work with me, get in touch!

Lucy Drive - actress

Emily Morris - actress

Emily Morris - actress