Photographing actors on stage

Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.
- George Santayana

The above quote was the inspiration behind the Script Sessions' new writing competition taking place at the Courtyard Theatre, London. The actors were working on 4 short plays, with 4 directors busy to get every detail right before the curtain goes up. I was there with my camera trying to capture some exciting moments of those new & upcoming artists' work.

I haven't got much experience with photographing actors on stage but since I have been shooting live bands for a couple of years now, it really isn't so much different. Obviously I hadn't seen the plays before so it was a usual game of hunting an interesting moment, trying to anticipate what will happen in a couple of seconds and being there with my finger ready on the shutter button. The light wasn't bad, dark at times but generally easy to shoot. And luckily, contrary to some music venues, there was no red light on the stage.

I had a few lenses with me but, to no surprise, my best friend 50mm prime turned out to be the winner.

I really enjoyed this photo assignement. The people I met in the theatre were super friendly and I would love to photograph more actors or dancers (yes!) working on stage. If only we'd had more time to create some proper tableaux, it would have been amazing.

Well, there's always next time!