Mad day photographing 204 people at the Amazingstoke event

That was a crazy day!

Month ago I had a pleasure of photographing participants of the tech conference organised in Basingstoke, called "Amazingstoke". The company behind the event: New Voice Media, commissioned me to photograph their business teams for social media and the website. The brief for the photos was kind of relaxed upper body portraits/"headshots" on the white background. It was a fantastic yet mad day as I ended up photographing 204 people which is currently my record. Having said that, I do not necessarily want to ever beat it :) The shoot was really a great fun while it obviously required good planning, preparation of gear and all the timings.

The shoot went smoothly and the client was happy with the photos which is most important, of course. Here are some of the pictures we made that day.

Big thanks for the great assistance to Paul Finchley Thompson.

And now something different: Interior shots of Sammy Ofer Center

I'm portrait & people photographer at heart, so photographing buildings and architecture is not something I actively seek as a creative. However, recently I got commissioned to take some photos at Sammy Ofer Center for London Business School and I jumped at the opportunity.

I was really keen to see inside this beautiful building and I was not disappointed. I did get a bit jealous of students' life at the LBS, though :)

Here are some pictures I shot there, fantastic place, isn't it?!

Headshot challenge: photographing 460 people in 3 days

The best thing about shooting portraits for me is meeting new people, trying to learn a bit about them, capture who they are on camera, and make them feel happy with the final result. But what if you meet 460 new people to photograph in one go?

Recently, I was commissioned by the the London Business School to photograph new year students for their MBA Student Directory to be printed out. I had a great assisting help from my fellow photographer friend Paul, and we did the shoot over 3 days. There were some moments when I felt we are some kind of comedy duo, as we joked with the people a bit, trying to make them smile and relax before they were photographed.

We were helped logistically by some lovely people from the LBS, so everything went very well. We managed to photograph all 460 people in one of the School's lecture rooms. I got very good feedback about the photos so I guess that's a lot of new LinkedIn profile pictures out there by now.


Photographing the Urban Rush event for charity Shelter

Shelter is a London based Homelessness Charity, doing a fabulous work helping British families avoid getting homeless. They organise a few great events every year, one of them is Urban Rush, with runners doing a half marathon distance through those gorgeous London streets.

I was commissioned to take some pictures of the event so let me share a few below. Congratulations to all the runners who made it to the finish line and helped Shelter.

London photo walk and shooting with Fuji X-T2

Few days ago, I had a great pleasure of taking part in a photo walk organised by some creative folks at Funding Circle led by Adam Perfect. The weather was very grim but that didn't wipe the smiles off our lenses. We walked from Mansion House towards the Royal Festival Hall and I enjoyed it enormously, also because Adam let me shoot and test his Fuji X-T2 camera.

I would like to get one at some point (soon!) as I am becoming a fan of photography equipment that's light, easy to carry and which delivers professional quality images. I have been shooting with one of my favourite film cameras Nikon F3 for a few years now, and as ergonomically they feel very similar,  I found using the XT-2 quite easy and user friendly.

It's such a little, inconspicuous camera, but boy, it delivers the goods. Once we got to Southbank, we had a fantastic street photography weather with beautiful evening, interesting colours around and London rain falling on the pavements. Here are some test shots I made that evening with Fuji XT-2. I love this camera indeed.

You can also read Adam's blog about our photo walk here.

Keep on shooting, people! :)